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date chat phone lines free KOM2002 (plain)  My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do

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My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do
From: nätdejting träning
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 08:21:30 +0200


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I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and we have lived together for 3 1/2 years. I love him a lot i started dating him when i was 15 and am now 21 and we are still together. Our love is strong and i know this but over the years it has faded. He use ta tell me he loved me everyday numerous times a day now he never tells me. He calls me names, hits me, leaves bruises on my arms to the point where people notice at work and ask what is going on. It's embarassing and when i think about him "loving" me i just wonder why he would do this to me. Not only does he mentally, verbally, physically abuse me but i also found out about a month ago that he has been cheating on me or talking ta this ugly girl. He use to leave his phone around me and have me answer it when someone would call and then a couple of months ago that stopped. He started acting really weird always asking me if i was cheating on him, who i was talking to or messing around with, who i was texting, accusing me of cheating on him everyday even if i were at work i was cheating on him. He started going through my phone checking my myspace but i wasnt hiding anything at the time. He also would give me his passcode to get onto his phone records online, but then when i asked for the password again he refused to give it to me. We were sleeping and i heard his phone go off so i looked at it and it was a text from her saying "good morning baby" i asked him about it and he said he doesnt know the # or anything. So i figure out his password to his phone records since he wont give it to me and go online and he has been talking ta her since june texting back and forth, calling each other. I can't believe it how could he always accuse me when he was the guilty one......but thats exactly why he was accusing he didnt feel as guilty! I asked him about him talking and texting that girl and he said he doesnt know what im talking about, i told him that i looked at his phone records and he got mad at me for going through his stuff....but still lied about texting and talking to her...right in my face and i had the phone records to prove it.....crazy huh?! GUYS ARE IDIOTS~! So i text her and ask her whats going on and why there talking still since i've found out, she said well he called me once and ive called him i asked him why he called her and he lied again saying he didnt call her and she didnt call him even though she told me that they both called.....i dont get why he's still lying and denying it....i dont get it i thought our love was stronger than this and we "our relationship" was stronger than this...but i guess not!!! Since i've found out they've been talking i gave him the choice to quit talkin ta her or leave and that i cant continue to deal with this or be treated like this...he promises everyday and swears he's not talking ta her but every single day i see her # on his phone records and over and over again he lies about it.....I love him so much and i dont want to throw 6 years down the drain its a lot of time and energy ive put into the relationship!!! but i can't keep dealing with him and his shit! I'm way better than her, she is a downgrade i mean why would he wanna do this?! and how could he keep talking ta her when he knows how much it hurts me, he has me in tears everyday, im upset feeling sick and he keeps talking to her like i dont matter, my feelings dont matter, and im just gonna stick around but I cant and im not. The main reason its so hard to leave is how long we've been together and that i have neva lived by myself before and i hate being alone. I dont like going to the store alone so if we were to break up i dunno what i would do...thats my problem i dont wanna live alone and be alone and sleep alone and just be lonely....i dont get what i've done to deserve this i really dont!!!! I think he takes me for granit and i want him to know what its like to be without me, i just can't make him leave! It's hard to kick someone out who you love and are in love with, have been with for 6 yrs, and to know their going to someone else.....i dunno what to do! I am beginning to hate my life. I feel like i have no one to turn to...I wish i was a stronger person to make him leave and do whats best for me but its hard when your heart and feelings are involved. I also found out when lookin at his phone records that him and my "friend" were talkin and textin each otha a lot....which i put an end to, he lied about it, she admitted it because shes scared of me and apologized but i just cant be friends with someone like that and for the fact that she didnt tell me about it when it first started going on she let it go on for a month....and i was only really friends with her for 3 months, so with the trust being gone i decided to quit being friends wit her,..... He's a dog and i know this but i love him and have loved him for 6 years...this girl hes still talkin ta will neva have what i have and i dont see why he's riskin losin me and our relationship for her!! What does she have that he cant stop talkin ta her! i dont get it i really dont. He went through my phone again though and found this guys # in my phone who yea i did end up cheatin on him wit...but i've neva had an ongoing relationship wit someone else before. Yes i've cheated but neva another relationship its a completely different story. I mean if he gave me the option to quit talkin ta the otha guy and be wit him or keep talkin ta tha otha guy and lose him....i would obviously choose him and to stop talkin ta tha otha guy...i wouldnt want to lose him and throw away 6 years. Im hurt and i dunno what to do i really dont....this is starting to take all my time and energy it also got me started in a life that i neva thought or wanted to live which is addicted to cocaine....i do it everyday, it almost numbs tha pain, puts me in a betta mode and helps me cope with my problems...takes me to anotha place so i dont have to deal wit it...It's become such an addiction that i do it at work everyday, when i get home i have to hide it from my boyfriend but will sneak into the other room and do a couple lines. The sad part about the whole cocaine thing is i steal it from him, he makes me so mad and treats me so bad i dont care i take it from him. I just dont understand what has come of our relationship?!! I wish my life was a bad dream that i could wake up from but its not and if i cant figure out what to do wit my situation one of them is seriously gonna get hurt....i have a bad temper and get angry very easily.....i dont wanna end up going to jail i need out but i dont wanna get out.....cuz i dont wanna leave him and lose him to another's like im stuck between a wall and a rock and i can't move b/c i dunno what to do....I am leading a life of self destruction....slowly but surely my life is going down hill!!! I dont get what i did to deserve all this hurt and pain. A co-worker of mine told me that he thinks based off what ive told him from both sides that our relationship is over just neither one of use wants to admit it or actually deal with ending it and being alone...we've gotten comfortable with one and another and dont want to leave but both know its over...i feel this is true in someways because there is no trust between us we're always questioning one and another and are always arguing but on the other hand we have our good times and i can tell he does have love for me (the question he in love with me??) but is that love enough to stand through tha lies, desite, anger, pain, stealin, cheatin, betrayel.....thats what i cant decide......I'm torn and wish i could make up my mind!! i want someone to talk to who understands what im going through and has some good advice or stories to share....plz help me.....
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: nätdejting killar from )
From: 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 23:20:07 +0200


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me and my babys father been together for 4 years.about 5 months ago i cheated on him the biggest mistake of my life but we talked about it and he told me that we were going to work it out and start over but 2 nights age i just find out that he is cheated on me with his ex girl and he been with for about a month now. it feel like i lost everything in my life he was my best friend the first person i'v ever had sex with he say he still love me and care about me and dont ever want ne out of his life but he told me that he was not going to stop untill he feels that he can trust me again i just doin know what to do at this point but feel guilty it
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: nätdejting seriöst medium from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: C0B41783CAC45152EDAF070332EBBD0C
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 17:58:33 +0200


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I hope that everythings fix we yall!

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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: roland paulsen nätdejting from )
From: 59C9568BC772921BA1C07A2CCD3C1C3C
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 19:15:02 +0200


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I was with this guy for a long time. Head over heels in love, never had a clue thigns were bad. We lived together and everything. He gave me a ring. He had a DUI so I dropped him off at jail. The next day I talk to his other girlfriend. The one who everynight when I work until 11, he has over until 10. They had sex on my bed everynight an hour before i got home and did the same thing. He had a bank account with her, he clamed the clothes in the closet were his ex and she needed to bring boxes to pack up all her shit. He would clear out everyhting in the bathroom everyday before she came over. Every night when he was with the guys, he was screwing her. The nights he asked me if i would cheat on him and i promised my life i wouldnt, and he did too, he was. She had plane tickets with his name on them for Christmas time, she gave him tons of money, which I dont even know what he did with. I find out from her he has a record for spousal abuse. I could go on and on. Guys are fucked up in the brain. I dont understand it and never will. I sit trying to figure out how someone could do something like this and just cant. I still dont understand hwo a human being could be so cruel and uncaring. I treated him like a freaking king and loved him with all my heart, and yet get nothing put pain, anger, and hurt in return. All i have to say is it sucks and i am in the process of moving my things out. I talked to the girl and i know she is lying about somethings, so i am jsut so lost of why the hell people cant just tell the truth and admit they fucked up. All i want is the truth so i can move on, but he doesnt even have the balls to do that.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejting i p1 ekot from 59C9568BC772921BA1C07A2CCD3C1C3C )
From: 03D26C800C445C161C989C39F3A0B5A3
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 05:32:21 +0200


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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejting i karlstad xc from )
From: 9DB209018B453F01601767BE213971F2
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 20:08:17 +0100
Language: dejting i p1 idag


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well my bf of a year and six months cheated on me with several girls i try and understand him but at one point he was just ready to leave me i was on my knees crying and begging him to stay and talk to me but he just was pushing me off telling me to leave him alon ena dall while we were fighting she was calling and he wouldn't let me touch the phone i got on for it's about a month since i found out about the girls and now he all loving and baby this and baby that but honestly i find myself pushing him away but deep inside i love him.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: nätdejting ta kontakt centrala from )
From: dejting i p1 hemsida
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 14:06:52 +0100


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your boyfriend sounds almost exactly like mine!
Except my boyfriend doesnt have girls texting his phone.
but i just found out he was lying about his myspace and facebook. bcuz he still has it. and all he does is deny it. and threatens to break up with me if i keep bringing it up.
Its really not fair bcuz i dont want to lose him. But hes verbally, physically and menatally abusive to me also..

I've been dating him for over a year.
and idk how he could just do thsi to me and keep on lying when i caught him red handed... i dont want to lose him. I'm so upset though...
Me and him are engaged. And i found out hes been lying to me about this myspace and facebook shit for over 6 months.
He accuses me of cheating all the time. I think he does that bcuz i broke up with him for a day and ended up hooking up with some guy, but then i went back to him. And i've never cheated on him.
I think he accuses me of cheating bcuz hes the one cheating...
Whats wrong with guys? Like i love how when we catch them in lies they just deny it. They are all fucked in the head if they think we are to stupid to figure out stuff...

I know exactly what your going through... its so hard... and especially if you dont want to let them go... bcuz i dont want to let my fiance go... and i dont know what to do either hun....
relationships suck
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejtingsajt zoo marknad from )
From: 0333699FDE3CD2CE1AB361B15153A329
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 19:03:27 +0100


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My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years. He cheated on me a year ago and begged me to come back. He said he was missing somthing and his heart did not feel whole any more. so of course i fell for it and took him back. At first he was telling all his friends i was the only one there for him and that he cheated on me before and he could never put me through that pain again. well about 3 weeks ago we broke up because he started having feelings for another girl ( one of my so called friends) the girl told me she would never do that to me but then turned around and told my boyfriend that we were never friends. Aparentley they have been together for 4 months wile we were still going out. Also to make it worse. He has slept with almost every girl any of his friends were bringing over to our house while i was at work. He still is denying it but 2 of his best friends told me he was cheating and one of his friends girl friends told me she had to ask him 3 times to stop trying to have sex with her while we were dating. Truthfully i want him to come back to me but i want to turn him down when he does. He is still trying to keep me chasing him so that when and if it doesnt work out with this one girl, he will have me to fall back on. This guy was my first with everything. He gave me a promise ring and his mom showed me my wedding ring. I lost all my friends just to be with him. and now truthfully i have no were that i feel like i belong. I have never hurt this bad in my life, but everyone is telling me time will heal all wounds.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: bästa presentationen nätdejting tips from )
From: nätdejting helt gratis saker
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 08:19:12 +0100


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If he does not love you, then it is not love. You have merely grown accustomed to him being there and therefore have a need for him to be there. Love works in both directions, if both of you can talk this through and you both do love each other, then what the ***, keep the relationship going. But make sure he understands, if he ever does it again, tell him you'll cut his *** off.
You may use a software to know what he is doing and why he is cheating on you. Learn more advices from vuxen dejting råd
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejting i karlstad yr from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: D0349FE53C5C2D7AAE2D8959DCF50DD5
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 22:09:22 +0100
Language: dejting i p1 xl


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Am i being a jealous girlfriend? We have been together for almost 5 years. He is mentally and verbally abusive. He calls me fat, obese. I did gain 10 lbs since we have been together. So has he. But he recently lost alot of weight cause he is sick. He goes out with his friends and tells me he talks to girls for his friend cause his friend is shy. The other night he came home drunk went to the bathroom and then left with his friend in his friends truck. I get a call on my cell phone and its him and i can hear his friend in the background. They said they are gonna be at the exxon station in 1 minute. I asked who he thought this was and he said a girls name which isnt mine and his friend said..."u called (my name)" then the phone hung up. Then five minutes later he comes home and his friend is so drunk he drives on the lawn and honks the horn real i work in the morning and get up at 4am and it was 3am when he got i was a grouch....He grabbed my cell phone and said he was going to call his friend and tell him what an asshole he was for honking the horn...he walks out the house and comes back in. Then not even a minute later...the cell rings and he looks at it..i asked him who that was...he said hi friend the one he just called...and i hear this girls voice on the other end. he walks out the front door....boy was i boiling now....we argued all morning till went to work well until he passed out 10 mins before i left....and that was that....Did i over react?
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: bästa presentationen nätdejting nackdelar from )
From: D4814D7ED6661FFFB88C8DDF99194C1B
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 19:52:11 +0100


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nätdejting suger zaza

I read these stories and felt like we were all talking about my boyfriend. I think men fall into the trap of always wanting more and don't realize that they are leaving a good woman for a lesser one. My man and I have been together for 5 years. I stood by him through his roughest times without questions and I have always been the breadwinner, and never through it in his face that I make the money and he moved into my house. I encouraged and lifted him up. Then I find out that he has been cheating on me with a DOG she is ugly, poor and has 3 kids by 3 guys all by the time she was 25. I am still dealing with all the hurt and pain I mean the fact is he would be with her all day telling her that he loved her and then come home to me at night and say that he loved me. I got suspicious a few months ago and started to withdraw and he noticed but never changed his ways. It is compounded by the fact that when we got together I told him about my trust issues with men and how a past boyfriend had hit me and emotionally hurt me. I will give him credit for never being violent or even yelling at me in that regard he always treated me like a princess, but the hurt he has caused is compouned because he lied and he knew that I had been to hell and back to get to the point where I could trust him when he said he loved me and now it seems like i would have been better off just staying where i was not trusting men. The only blessing is that we don't have kids and I never relied on him financially so us ending will be easier to deal with. I just don't know if I will ever be able to trust a man to say they love me because love shouldn't hurt like this and if he valued me as a friend he would have told me that he was seeing someone else. I wish you luck (all of you) may we find the happiness we deserve...............
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejtingsajt ungdom wiki from )
From: 61BB43E34ED05EB8C1C7E9CAAE2C02A4
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 09:08:18 +0100


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wow, i feel so bad for you and i dont want to be "bad" but i think u should leave him.. i wish i could talk with u cause this is a big problem and i think talking would make u feel better but talking with a stranger its no way, i suggest you to talk with someone u trust! NOT HIM
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejting frågor grova from )
From: 61BB43E34ED05EB8C1C7E9CAAE2C02A4
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 00:19:35 +0100


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im sorry if i take your thread for my selfishness but id like to talk with everyone of u who has problem with ur relationship, the only thing is, we dont need to know each other cause i know its freaky, but i dont trust anyone i know anymore and thats why i need tot alk with ppl who will understand me, and ill understand u and i know it makes u feel better ;P, i randomly put a comment on this random forum i found but i know i sound psycho but if anyone wanna talk (dont worry i just wanna talk) let me know ESPECALLY U MELIA i had tears reading ur story
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejta vegetarianer diett from )
From: AFDF39D588BED4C1DF02824199ABF3F6
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 02:22:23 +0100


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I started you read what you wrote, I had to stop at the parts where he is hitting you. Why?You know it is wrong. You are worth more than you know. Just you placing your story on line is a way of you fighting back, at the wrong that is done to you. In just love,Un just harm is being done to you . You have to learn the rules of loving before you can try to love.Look, If you can place yourself in the place of the person that you love then when you feel the way that you love that person that is love . LOve yourself like you love him. you are worth it, try it , get away from him. Think of it this way ,he is doing this for you not too you . You will know what I mean by that when you heal yourself. I was there once and I promised myself I would never allow my self there again I feel the pain you are in. I feel the confusion but, I don't see you on that pain too long if you just decide that you are worth all the good things in life. I bet you feel that you are not a human any more. I mean I know you feel that way. Life is what you make it . Make a real life for you. It is too late for him to decide that you are worth it you must decide that for your self.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: vilka dejtingsidor är bäst citat from AFDF39D588BED4C1DF02824199ABF3F6 )
From: E5EC764667D1CA2C6CD739D31082F71E
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 19:05:14 +0100


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me and my boyfrend have been together for 4years going on 5 and wen we first got together he cheatd on me for 9months!!! i knew something was going on but anytime i did confront him about it he'd lie make me think i was imagining it..told me that i make things out of things that aren't there which made me lthink iw as going crazy!! there was even a time where i looked thru his fone and saw text messages very sexual ones saying things to him so i took the number and called later wen i was back at my house..i asked the girl who are you to my boyfrend and all she asked was whos this and put down the phone..only for 2mins later for me to get a call from him askin if i took a number from his fone and i denied it until i admitted and he went MAD!!!! neways it was only wen i strtd talkin to one guy who was this girls frend i used to tell him everything on my mind and he is SO trustworthy!! i told him neway about what i though and wat he had told me and all he did was give me the adress to this gurls house to go and find out myself becuase all my boyfrend would do was lie!! i wnt to the girls house and i told her we'd been going out for 10months etc etc...and it was then she sed OH MY GOSH!!! he sed to her i was jus a frend and dat i really liked him but he didnt like me in that way and plus i was too young (there was a 4 yr age gap!! ) neway we both started goin thru things his sed to me what i've done n shes done and they wer all similar...but the thing that smacks it is that it was the week i asked to see him he sed he was going to his cousins....OH NO HE WASNT..that week he was too busy fuckin her!!! and this girl planned to go to his house confront him with everything and i did it in such a sly way!! that night i was talkin to him and i asked him..would u ever cheat on me he goes no..i sed swear on ur life..he swore strtd tellin so much bull about how much he loves me and u kno sounded so convicing...even to the point where he goes ahhh babe im tired now i'l spk to u 2mro...YEA RITE..he was on the fone str8 away callin her!! and wat he didnt kno was that she textd me saying his on the fone to me...its so fucked!! so i wnt to his house the next day and told the girl to wait next to the door outside i came in to his house and sed oh wait i forgot something and opened the door for this girl to come in (ps: this girl is ugly, fat short hair with dandruff..THE WHOLE UGLY WORKS!! ) all the stuff i had bort him i went into his room and took back..he was so shocked u could see his heart beatin out of his chest!!! and all he sed was...i dont kno wat use two are up to but (other girls name) u need to go...the thing is wen i was puttin all the stuff i gave to him in my bag he pulled my arm and said wat are u doing..i punched him sqaure in his face!!!!! neways after this whole situation he said he never loved her, has never sed he loved her to her and that he loved me..they went out before she had an abortion for his baby and since then he felt like he had to stay there for her...YEA STAY THERE FOR HER NOT FUCK HER!! after all of this i got bk with him the next so weak..i love him so much...i've never ever ever loved and felt the way i feel about him about anyone..his ike my bestfrend, he understnds me more than ne1 has, more then my own parents, his always there for me...and now his still doin the same thing..but without the cheatin although it can still b seen as that way...talkin to girls through msn, skype and on the phone...him sendin pictures of his dick and gettin pictures of their ass and breasts and talkin sexually and stuff and this isnt the first time..since that last incident...i've caught him talkin to 3 other girls!! and his stopped..then it moved from that to the interent thing..and his still doing it..he just doesnt kno i so fed up. i cnt rely on him to remember anything or get anything rite!! i kno it sounds stupid but even after 5 yrs he dusnt kno how to spell my surname or remember da way to my house..his 24 and im 20 im engaged to him its been over 1yr and a was MEE!! that got him int doing drivin lessosn so he can hurry up and drive!! i started driving at 17 and he strtd his lessons over 2yrs ago..and it was automatic and his still doin it!! his so laid back and lazy and waits for things to fall into his lap and for people to do things for him, its like his not serious about life, he never has a back up plan for when things go wrong..wen things have gone wrong i've always been there to pick it up for him!! his response to all of this wen i've told him is that its cos he doesnt care about anything as long as he has me!! its all a lie bcoz if i cared that much to him he wouldnt be doin the shit he parents are realyl strict and they didnt want to meet or know about him, but i really thought he was the one and knew i'd never felt this way before about anyone and made my parents meet him..they now have only just recently accepted that we're serious about each other...and its this as well the fact his my bestfrend, my brother, my lover and evertythin to me as well as being together so long that keeping me here. but i really am fed up..i just wish he can change and he dusnt understnd why i do the things i do even if i try and explain..his good at turning things around and makin it seem like its my fault...he also has an excuse for everything. i have NEVER EVER cheated on him..NEVER..althou i had been disloyal to him because there was i guy i used to see before i was wiv him but i chose my boyfrend now over him and he never knew how i felt and i told him in a long letter that i loved him etc...but up till this day my boyfrend still doesnt know there were two parts to that letter. but i dont kno boyfrend is all i kno...i dont want ne1 else..because i love him too much..he only ever tries with us wen there problems..i jus feel with him its either a dead end or a downhill...of some1 can understnd that. i still tlk to the guy who helpd me out before and i've told him how i feel n everyfing n he sed i sound fed up and dat im a creative person and that i should create something that makes me happy..and find my happiness somewhere else bcoz i cnt live the rest of my life like this..he sed the only way he will only ever cherish, appreciate and care the way i want him to is if i were to move on and he contiue wiv wateva he seems to get out of talkin to other girls....only then will he appreciate me but by then it could be too late!! he also said that if we were really meant to b then we'd meet again..but im scared to take that chance bcz wat if he finds sum1 he loves n 4gets about me? i kno i cud say the same for myself..but i CANT and dont WANT to love anyone else...i've tried talkin to my boyfrend and it never gets me anywhere he dusnt undersntd...i've even told my guy mate that i personaly think he needs a guy to tlk to about OUR relationship..he dusnt discuss our reltionship with ne of his frends..if there is anytime they're tlkn bout girls it wud only ever be about sex... can some please advise me or give me they're opinion..i havnt eaten i feel lifeless and rite now we're not talkin as i've switched off both my phones and i jus feel sick..i get headaches all the time thinking about it....i need to tlk to someone...i dont trust anyone..i found it hard trusting pple even b4 i got wiv him and he knew that...thats probably wat damaged my trust for anyone even more!!...i just need a frend....
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejting i oslo uddevalla from )
From: a clear headed guy
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 22:24:21 +0100


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listen ladies, all of u are fucking stupid if u let any boyfriend get away with cheating, or any kind of abuse, letting go can be hard but if that jackass is going to screw around and cheat or have th nerve to abuse u in anyway, then he's not worth it, i dont care how good looking he is, if u have any self respect u should dumb his dumb ass and find a real guy who will actually apreciate u and not fuck around
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: nätdejting suger av from a clear headed guy )
From: CDE940ED0D6D8CD90CF495BDE1701F2B
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 23:11:30 +0100


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Hi Everyone! I am reading these stories and it just seems so easy to say "Once a cheater always a cheater" and dumb him and things like that. a month ago I would have said all the same things! I recently found out that a my man of 5 years who I live with cheated on me with a Hooters waitress! When I found out I packed a bag and left for a week. He was calling and texting me like crazy. I agreed to have dinner with him finally one night and he begged for forgiveness. He cried ( something he does not do often!) He said all the right things , teared up at all the right times. I decided to try and forgive him. Like I said a month ago I would have said kick that man to the curb! but it is so different when it happens to you. It is so different when you love that man with all your heart. I am still dealing with the pain everyday and to be honest I don't know if we will make it. Some days I feel even closer to him now than before, and others I look at him and think there has to be someone else out there for me, someone I can trust and who not betray me. It is the most confussing time of my life! What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. IF we make I think we will be stronger for going through what we have went through together and IF we don't make it I think I will be stronger on my own. You just have to believe that no matter what YOU will be ok. I am just taking it day by day. Some of the entries I read talk about men who cheat over and over and to those girls I say if he has hurt you over and over chances are he will not stop. Remove yourself from the comfort zone, move out, change your number and keep your self busy and I think you will see that it is actually easier than you thought it would be. One thing I know is that if I ever found out he did it again I would not give him any more chnaces. I will be gone for good!
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: vilka dejtingsidor är bäst jobb from C0B41783CAC45152EDAF070332EBBD0C )
From: giovanni
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 22:00:43 +0100


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get rid of him before he tears u apart!no joke...good luck and if ya wanna tlk email me [email protected] an advice guy
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: välja dejtingsajt badoo from giovanni )
From: 0F54E3E776B813B6C13ABBBAEA21C1FC
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 01:26:54 +0100


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I used to always tell my friends that it is our job to find out if they are cheating on us and there job to hide it. Let me tell you my story...a month ago I decided to test my boyfriend to see if he was cheating on me. I set up a bogus yahoo account and starting sending him SMS messages to his cellphone to see if he would flirt with me. He didn't. But what made me suspicious is that he never mentioned to me that he was receiving weird text messages from a girl (who was me of course) because of that i decided to access to his cell phone records and home phone records...I now have access to both and now I am driving myself crazy. Every day i check his cell phone records and home phone records looking to see if he calls a girl or if a girl calls him...WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME...I always used to tell my girlfriends that if you think he is cheating on you then you should leave him...and look at me now...I am pathetic...I feel like this insane crazy woman sitting at her computer trying to see if her boyfriend is cheating on her...I need help what the heck should I do? I want to stop accessing his phone records but I cannot. I feel like I should dump him even though I know he's not doing anything because I feel like I'm driving myself crazy looking for him to do know what is worse...I sit there and call every number he called to see if it is a boy or a girl...I never should have started this dumb game. Now look where I am. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!

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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: nätdejting stockholm quality from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: 617A90843D3B18C7167E4EC45C85C1D5
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:42:08 +0100
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hi my name is shobit goswami i dnt hv any girl friend hw can i say any thing about your boy friend if any body interested me plz contact me i live in delhi (india) nd my contact no is 09811008133
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejta en asiat from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: 976E4943D8E8672012D427AC53574A28
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 07:15:20 +0100


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reply he said hes not going to stop cheating on you with his exgirlfriend untill he can trust you again? Think about how wrong that is an ask yourself if you really want to bother with someone like that.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejta gratis på nätet ica from )
From: 976E4943D8E8672012D427AC53574A28
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 07:32:49 +0100


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Six years is a really long time...

And so were those 15 years before him. And all the years you have left in your life after him. Think about that...You have the opportunity right now to live your life! To start over! Come on and live...move on. If it was a one time thing,I would encourage you to forgive him because I believe that people can change. But only if they are willing, and if he is not willing to, then you need to move on with your life.

I was cheated on and you know what? My boyfriend told me six months later, for six months he was sad, and I knew something was bothering him untill he broke down and cried about it and told me everything. He cried every night for months after he told me. I've known since august and 2 days ago he still had tears to cry. That is true regret. She went down on him and he even told her to stop. He made out with her and that was it.It was during a break we were on and he did not carry on anything with her. And look at all this regret. Im telling you this because look at all that your boyfriend has done and yet he still talks to her? Does he cry? Does he plead with you to stay? Does he say it was the biggest mistake of his life? Does he wish he was dead some days over what he did? Does he pray at night hoping he didnt give you an std?

Does he love you? this for yourself. My heart truley goes out to you. Im going to tell you this.

Me and my boyfriend Were on a break for 2 months. (Weve been together for 3 years) I cried and cried missing him..he hardly talked to me...he thought he didnt love me anymore...he left me waiting. I cried so much...and then...I started getting over him.I would have thought that was impossible to do..After all the love..all the time..all the effort all the money, all the good times and bad… I was so close to moving on when he called me one day and told me he missed me.

Sometimes..even though I know he regrets what he did...I still think about how I could do better...How I could find someone who I won't second guess. I know all the time my self esteem would be higher if I didnt feel like I was so easy replaceable. I feel this way despite all the regret I know he feels!! And worse of all they'll always be this feeling inside me that wants someone else too. We lost our virginity together, I never wondered what it was like to be with someone else till now. And I know it all came from what he did. I wouldnt be flirting with this boy who sits next to be in college if he hadnt have cheated on me. I went from the most loving, loyal girlfriend to suddenly ‘keeping my options open’.

Right now you feel like you are loosing him and thats why you are panicing. But think about how much you will change if he suddenly comes around. Ask yourself if its really worth it? I love my boyfriend but I have changed so much because of what he did and I find myself asking if it was worth it.
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Re: My boyfriend (Reply to: dejtingsidor helt gratis nätdejting from 976E4943D8E8672012D427AC53574A28 )
From: 02065A89Cae287AB5C8F2E6D580D8D68BB
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 16:39:35 +0100


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I want to begin by saying if you have a gut feeling, women follow it! My boyfriend and I have been together for over 6 years and i found out yesterday that 4 years ago, he cheated on me while i was away.

Going through this is proving to be kinda tough on me emotionally. The thought of him laying up with someone else really devastates me ESPECIALLY because he initially accused me of being the cheater. Throughout our 6 years of relationship i have been more than 100% faithful to him. This guy is my first true love and i lost my virginity to him. What still kinda hurts about this situation is that when he finally admitted he didn't even apologize. In the back of my head all i could think was that he wasn't truly remorseful for what happened. He did finally apologize but i'm emotionally confused as to whether it was truthfully sincere. In the back of my head, i had so many questions that i wanted to know about the incident(s) but when i asked he got pretty defensive with me. The whole situation bruised me because it made me feel as though i was less of a woman. For him to have to look outside our relationship for satisfaction killed me. I didn't ask who other woman was and i doubt that he will tell but i kinda want to know. [questions of was she prettier than me, was she better than me, did she make you feel a way that i didn't still cross my mind]. What kinda worries me more is that next year we will be experiencing some more time away. I don't know whether he's going to feel tempted to fall back into the trap when i go away.

I'm trying to get through this but it's like a rollercoaster. I'm not advising that everyone should stay with a man who cheated because every situation is different. Im choosing to stick by my man, however, because i think that he does want to do better. Even though it hurt and it took him 4 years to come clean i believe that i can trust him. The thought in the back of my head that at some point in our relationship i shared my man with some "mystery" woman still feels like a knife in the back. I'm still praying about this and asking God to lift this from my heart. It's not that hard for me to forgive...the forgetting will be a bit more difficult.

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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: tips hur man dejtar from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: D17F3DE6943EF2657E6888EE918086D8
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 01:21:03 +0100


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listen girl.. he doesn't love u at all. this is not what u call love.. love i when u want someone to be happy , his/her happiness are way above than yours. love i when you give respect and trust your partner. i broke off with my guy 8 months ago. i was the only one i ve ever loved i am 23 nw . we ve been together for 5 years... he used to abuse my, mistrust me , disrespect me but the moment i realized nothing's above my self respect i just broke off.. u hav to take a stand u have to step out of it.. listen to me you have spent just 6 years... 6 years are nothing you have your whole life to live. if you don't break off now you'll regret after next 6 years ... remember difficult situations need hard and difficult decisions.. one hard decision n your life will be easy.. i had exactly same feelings for my guy.. i thought that i just cannt live without him nt fer a moment bt i am living.. n living a better life. stop hurting yourself cos you are answerable to your God for this.. start thinking girl.. if you take drug it wont help you trust me you are hiding yourself from the situation but the monet you'll wake up you are going to face it agian.. so my advice to u is WAKE UPP.. be brave, have faith in yourelf, that guy doesnt deserve this amount of love and sincerity. please please please help yourself before its too late.. you will have a better life.. start thanking GOD n get out of this relationship n just change this perception that u dnt wanna be alone.. u wont be trust me.. u will have a better life.. its on u make choice nw n be happy or cry n hurt yourelf for rest of the days..
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Re: help me please my boyfriend has changed what do i do?? (Reply to: hur dejtar man quotes from 511AA56C4D285835294A464B4FCA6223 )
From: 018FC28CED08AD5D7778AA322FCC1607
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 00:41:43 +0100


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okay so i met this boy about three months ago, tomorrow makes it our official three months but ne ways, he use to want to kiss, cuddle, hug, fool around and tell me nice sweet comments. well an incident happened and it involved my parents. they were so pissed at him. now they are over it they love him like a son and wat him to come back. but on top of all that he had some home and personal issues i guess and he said he was just tired of me bitchin all the time. im not bitchin cause i want to im bitchin cause i hate his friends and they do stupid dhit so i don't want him to suffer for there bad beings. the he starts bein firnds with this girl after she told him she liked him he told her not to talk to him it would come between us what does he do for some odd reason there friends again?!? i was so pissed. me and my friends were in the computer lab hmmm... i'd say like a couple of weeks ago and they look out in the hallway and start laughing at this one kid so they tell me and i do to. one of em looks back out there and says omg! he is wearing her jacket, i was like no ways he wouldn't ohh let me tell you he was, so a lil bit later she comes out with his on i started freaking out i started balling they could hear me clear out in the hallway. it wasn't silent thats for sure. so i was pissed i went down the hallway started throwing shit and slaming things, he told me it was because his friends took his jacket and when he went to put it on they were laughin cause they took it and hid it so he took that girls. well i sure as hell idn't find it fnny. then today i guess he couldn't get a ride from his friend, so guess who gave him a ride home?!?! the girl. i feel so sick all the time and nausa, i cry a lot but when he comes around i act like i wasn't and im fine. this kid id the love of my life, i know hes not cheatin, but i don't want her around him period it makes me nervous. and he starts these gay ass fights that are pointless like how about at lunch one day he walked away from me never said a word cause i was wearing shorts WTF!!! he use to stay on the phone all night now he goes to sleep early and sleeps, trys to avoid me without me seeing it but hmmm haha i do big time. i hate his friends he never use to hang out with them until this month started now we constantly fight. they use to be little bitch fights and i would pout and get his attention to where he knew i was mad and he would pull me close on the bed and say qit ur shit i love you and kiss me and apoligize he was always all over me saying i love you your my worls and my everything, he took care of me at my house when i was really sick, he told me if i came to school he would carry me, he would make sure i got to all my classes and he would almost miss his bus just to make sure i got to mine. he was always up my ass in a good way he called me all the time and was constantly say i love you bby. he always made sure to call me when he was somewhere, and tell me goodnight, and sweet dreams now when he gets pissed he says im tired of fighting im gettin off here later! im the one who would threaten to hang up on him before and he would beg me to stay on and he cried cause i got pissed off one time and he thought i was gonna end it, now he just doesn't care he won't ever tell me whats wrong he's having personal troubles he won't tell me about i mean he told me i was his best friend and he told me things he wouldn't tel anyone else now sice the beggining of this month he has changed. he is a tool im tired of him treating me like this if its just a lesson to see what its like to get the cold shoulder i've learned i don't wanna play this game anymore i want the old him back his attitude totally sucks! he use to be a bad ass back when he was younger and he changed and got nice now i think sice one thing happened he thinks he failed at being at good kid might as well be a hard ass wrong! i hate it nobody likes an asshole for a boyfriend, everybody can tell somethings wrong he just won't say heuse to smile when he saw me would run up kiss me hug me and talk to me now in the hallways it hurry up im goin home with so and so or he just barely kisses me i say i love you and half the damn time he forgets to say it back i don't understand though he didn't before whats changed you don't walk away from somebody you love right? he says it cause he doesn't wanna say sumthin he'll regret... do you think he feels sorry for me? he says he doesn't like anybody he would be straight up about it and this is the first time he's tried to make a relationship work. but i am friends with a few of his exs from awhile back and a couple said they started fighting constantly and he would just be a prick. so is he doin this to me too, is he telling the truth when he said he was happier with me than he's ever been with any of his other girlfriends?? i need an answer i love him i want him to change back to his old self what do i do??
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejta fula tjejer instagram from )
From: ...matilda
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 15:46:26 +0100


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hey, i understand what you going through to a T . it's going on with me exactly right now. me and my boyfriend have been dating for a little longer then a year and at first everything was great between us then the third month hit and we found out i was pregnant. everything just went down the well. he starts accusing me of cheating saying that i can't be his kid just because he has a low sperm count and we tried and tried for a couple months before we went out to even get me pregnant and nothing worked and yes i did. somewhat cheat on him which i feel greatly bad about but it was only going out for a night at my cousins house for a party and drink with a bunch of friends and all i did was really cuddle and make out with another guy and sleep next to him at night on the pull out couch with my cousin and my best friend who hooked up with him. i feel horrible for it but i admitted it to him and he believed i was lieing that i slept with him that its his kid all up until our son was born. hes the spitting image of my boyfriend there no denying its his kid even if i did have sex with someone else which i didn't, but the day he was born he was back to the guy i fell in love with and stayed that way for just 3 days. as soon as i got home with the baby he went back to being a secretive guy. he's always texting when we spend time together, he's getting calls and goes into another room, he changed ass his passwords after giving me them so i could make sure he wasn't fooling around and made it impossible for me to find out anything up until the last couple days when i heard he was out drinking with someone he promised never to go near and didn't wanna be near her anyway because she threatened to beat our baby out of me while i was pregnant, and he tried saying he burnt himself to hide the fact that this girl left a hickey on his neck, and then just Friday he told me he wasn't feeling good that he was going to lay down and go to bed so he wasn't able to come and see me and his own son and then i find out he went out to the bar drinking with another girl and fooled around with her to behind my back and i didn't believe it at first up until i was sent a picture of them both together and this girl is horribly ugly like i don't know what he seen in her, or if it was maby that i wont put out for him as much as i use to right now or i wont do things for him that he asks, but all i know is naturally he only drinks when he is horny and when he's around a single girl even if shes dating someone as long as that person isn't around he will do stuff with her. he never beat me i can say that but he knows all my life iv been beating so I'm scared to be grabbed and he will always grab me and leave bruises on my arms and shuv me down when he don't want me to leave when were fighting, he'll call me out of my name and bring up all the past shit we promised to just forgive and forget about, he'll threaten to leave me and everything he knows will make me do what he wants, he's the first guy iv ever felt this way about i truly love him and have his baby makes it even more hurtful knowing hes going out doing all this without even caring about me or the baby. and when i heard he was texting other girls i decided to grab his phone one night he slept over and go into the bathroom and sure enough here all these texts to other girls, "oh hey baby tomorrow night why don't we hook up." "oh don't worry me and the bitch that had my son aren't together anymore." "o don't worry i love only you baby you the only one for me" so when i confronted him he denied it even when i showed him the text he still denied it until i told him that i would leave him if he didn't tell me the truth so he told me they were from his friend using his phone because he wanted to try hooking up with any one of them girls, so i just let it pass, then i look through his phone and find pictures of my best friend saved to his phone. then the night we stayed at his friends which is like only a half hour drive away from my house, i was pregnant at the time and we had a fight and i said fuck it i told him we were over and i tried leaving he grabbed me and shuved me down to the bed and said i wasn't leaving so his friend pulled him off of me and i got up and left about almost 10 minutes later he come speeding down in his friends moms van and slams into some buddy driveway right over the snow bank to stop me in my tracks and got out ran up holding me apologizing saying he loves me with all his heart, he wants to be with me the rest of his life, im the only girl he has ever really care about and that he don't want to hurt me any more and that he wont. sure enough two days later he fights with me and leaves me home alone to go for a guys night with his friend and ends up him and his friend driving around with his ex he told me moved away and he hated her guts anyway and didn't want a thing to do with her. so even still. we are still together but we broke up for a little over a week and he came back telling me he wanted to be with me and that he misses me, so all i pretty much did was only give him the time to realize what he will be missing out on if this shit continues. and since then i only seen that one photo of him with another girl and both of them cheek to cheek and she only apparently took it because she wanted a picture of her and her friend together since she had none and plus she likes the bright blue contacts he was wearing. i told him last night its either me and his son, or all these new girls he's been with recently and talking to and he said he chooses me and his son. all you half to do is really. don't listen to your heart at all. listen to your heart, being with him may hurt you in ways but if there's that part that keeps you happy being with him. then it's worth a shot to try for another while because when you see things like the messaged and everything, there's always an explanation for them things, your phone and everything can easily be hacked, or a friend could have used his phone, even though the girls say its true they might just also be trying to break yous both up so they could be with them. all you half to do it stop listening to everything your heart, and build up the inner strength and learn to true him with every last bit of your should even though there's the part that doesn't want to and doesn't believe him, as long as there is that part that does believe him and wants to believe him and has doubt that he did it. well then hunny. he most likely didn't do it. reasons to that he could be doing that can always be he's feeling pushed aside more and more every day, or he may just be a little sexually frustrated like any normal guy if they can't get it from who they want to get it from they get it another way, and him abusing you in all ways can just be a result of him not being able to let it out "down below" then he's letting it out from his mouth and saying things he probably doesn't even mean, and with his body by hurting you even though it doesn't want to. that's all that was wrong with my boyfriend. so i hope what i told you about my relationship being exactly like yours and the little tips i left at the end will help you and your boyfriend out. and i wish you the best of luck.
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I dont have no problem with my boyfriend he just just left me for no reason. (Reply to: dejting otrogen engelska from 617A90843D3B18C7167E4EC45C85C1D5 )
From: CA0AF3B7E639265F701C56572937F498
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 18:03:53 +0100


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well my situation with my boyfriend it's really hurt me alot. first we met he told me more than the world. he loved more than hiself. i dont know what happen to him. i called him never answer the phone. i texted never tex me back. i texted him tell me what i did wrong to him. he never reply back. thats really hurt i cant even sleep. i cant eat. i lost alot of weight. i wanna die. i love him so much. its been a week ive never heard from him please somebody help me. i pray GOD every single day. morning, evening and night. help me please ive to much stress. i cant eat. if he never call me. i dont think im gonna n the world for long. someone please email me [email protected]
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date via chat from )
From: 2305F07AB1D2928E5C115032996C9844
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 23:22:45 +0200


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Re: I dont have no problem with my boyfriend he just just left me for no reason. (Reply to: dejta vegetarianer räkor from CA0AF3B7E639265F701C56572937F498 )
From: 62AFA4C724D9EBE0E307938410BFCA22
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 19:33:57 +0200


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so hey i know it must be hard hang in there ok bye cilla gurl
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Re: I dont have no problem with my boyfriend he just just left me for no reason. (Reply to: date chat free from 62AFA4C724D9EBE0E307938410BFCA22 )
From: 1C2A0D80F7D39B6DE0B909A3A470F25B
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 05:57:10 +0200
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I to everyday have th same problems. I have two kids with the guy that I know I love, I give my all. I cook I clean and I do everything I am suppose to. I do not run from what I have done to make my life better. I am only 23 and it has been one ride being a mother. I know so many girls who have had kids and then when they do they run, cause then after knowing for how long and suppose to be preparing for how long to be a mom but no they need to find themselves. I take on everything I have dished out for myself.

I at times to get jealous and a bit negative, but I do not feel like I do it on my own. My boyfriend goes out and does drugs. He calls me up wee hours of the morning to tell me he is with young girls. I do not give oral sex. And he usually forces me. It makes me puke. And if I don't he tells me that he wishes that I was like other girls, that just do what they are told. He is violent to me when we fight, he will clear off counter tops, smash things..All of this infront of my kids. My three year old already acts out just like she see's..And I am not sure if he realizes that you learn what you live and you live what you learn.

I do not want my kids to grow up like this or anything like him. He is always cutting me down. I cannot even cry unless I go hide to do it cause he just tells me to dry up and that he has seen me cry so much it has no effect, it does not even bother him to see me cry..Like how ungreatful can a person be. Well I guess they can be pretty low.

It is funny, he use to be with a stripper and he gave his all to her, even though she was a cheater, and had given him chlamydia at one time, and would go out of town to do shows and then stay there cracking out the whole time while asking him for more money...Am I paying for what unfaithful girls have done to him??..But even so I will never know. He just expects me to take that pile of shit we have made together and just keep making the pile bigger, I am tired. I want to sit down and accumulate this pile properly. But he tells me he doesn't want to hear it, or he gets mad.

I do not know what to do anymore, he is killing everything I stand for, and I let him do it to. I am sick of being weak. I need to be an independent woman, and staying with someone like him can just say good bye to good things..Cause as long as I am with him I feel like I am nothing and never be. I no I am something, I no I am not everything but we all are something...I am so honest and faithful and would never do anything to ever hurt him. People who do it to dispite and there reasons for doing what they do cannot possibly out weigh the ever lasting damage they are creating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat facebook from )
From: 2834B10A35CE55D33A8EE8C7182780C9
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 23:34:50 +0200
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I no wat u mene
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Re: I dont have no problem with my boyfriend he just just left me for no reason. (Reply to: date chat gratis from 1C2A0D80F7D39B6DE0B909A3A470F25B )
From: 4C8035BA1DA4F1AC2730CFEC1A3CFCFF
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 11:27:53 +0200
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Start afresh. This is a toxic relationship. Try and get your boyfriend in rehab, if that fails, call it quits. Not worth wasting your future on something so destructive.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejtingsidor helt gratis youtube from 61BB43E34ED05EB8C1C7E9CAAE2C02A4 )
From: 1D0E90BB12F1E27FE94F583929FB5C15
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 07:29:23 +0200


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I'm 27 and been with my guy for 12 years. We are not married. We have no children. We are pretty much roommates. He likes to be in bars and clubs and I just want to be home. We have nothing in common other than we want to have kids with each other before we turn 30. He also cheated on me a year ago...with a dog. And then with a "video hoe" friend of his (although it wasn't sexual). You know what his reasons were? "Because I cheated on him first...and get this- WHEN I WAS 17.I don't know what to do anymore b/c he cheated only 1 year ago- we are adults, own a house and three cars- and he THINKS he can do better. Men MUST be stupid. I mean-the girl he cheated on me with had terrible hair and couldn't even match her clothes! Now, I'm a laid back type of girl who likes to wear sweats and t-shirts with my hair in a pony, but NEVER do I look hideous. I've gained some weight, but mostly in my boobs and butt-and what man would be ungrateful to that?! I know! AN IDIOT
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat ipad from )
From: 84431D1C23123922AE09BC91A3E74C16
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 01:06:16 +0200


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BREAK UP WITH HIM,you been with him for 6 years?so what..get over it,you should of known that he was a lying dutch bag.get yourself a real man that will make you feel like a real women.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: nätdejting suger vatten from giovanni )
From: F76D67D128A7B3CFD57FCD7A22C14BE0
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 08:44:19 +0200
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da best thing left him
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date du chat noir 2015 from 2834B10A35CE55D33A8EE8C7182780C9 )
From: 21B7159AFE0D75DF7B759B47B91E5297
Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 00:21:05 +0200


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wow! you need to not be weak, i know ou have kids and its hard for you to say this, the fact that you're only 23, i think you said, but you need to stad up for yourselve and say you have it and you want to move on in life, and you never no ur only 23 maybe u will find a guy who can treat you right, infront of your kids and not by them. Wow will see im 11 years old, soo i,m saying this to you fromm mee.. but, i know im too "young" to havbe a boyfriendd, but a guy named shane asked me out andd i really love him, see i asked him to go on a date, and he blew me off to go out and hang out withh some other girls, he said they asked him to play spin the bottle, and he told me that he wasn't going to do it, but..., you never knoww, what hes doing right noww. soo im kinda scared about this, im going out withh the other friends and were just going out to dinner, and i told him, i said wow okay; so you can go hang out with some other friends but, you can't hang out/ go on a date, with your girlfriend, rea matuare. uim repaty mad about that andd even know i love him a lot if he does that one more time, its over =/ im such a trust worthy person and i wouldnt do anything not even like floirt if i went out withh my guy friends and knowing him..... i think he woulddd =/
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat line numbers from 1D0E90BB12F1E27FE94F583929FB5C15 )
From: 3809FE643E76B8FF8A459EB24E4C5E21
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 19:31:50 +0200
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I think that if i was to find about something bout my boyfirend is cheatin on me then i would first find out if its true or not then if its true then would break up with him and move on and start a new life thats how i feel and also see why he cheated on my then i would move on . ( also aways remember to have a boyfriend number 2)
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat line free from )
From: 9C0C8F9627739F4A1DACCE9B4FFCF491
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 20:57:43 +0200


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Advice is he shouldnt touch you period leave him before you have children and they witness this horrible woman abuse
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Karma sucks (Reply to: date chat site from )
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 04:55:51 +0200


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I was with my boyfriend for 8 months, we were getting ready to get an apartment together when I found out he had cheated on me with the really fat ugly girl. So I broke up with him. 4 months later we ran into each other and he told me that he really loved me and wanted to try and make it work out again so I went back to him. I always hated him for hurting me the way that he did....I lvoe him with all of my heart but I felt like I had to get even so I cheated on him.
It made me feel alot better about things. He has no idea that I cheated on him and I have no intentions on telling him.
I plan on having sex with at least 2 more guys before I call it quits.
He deserves that
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat mobile from )
From: B4F59FB9850DFA48F85881B9DBE0575E
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 04:31:59 +0200
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I am 19 and pregnant. DUe in 3 weeks. My boyfriend / baby daddy to be and I have been together for almost 3 years, and he has always been faithful. he just started cheating on me the last couple weeks. We live together, and I am ready to have his baby any minute. What do I do? I feel like I should give our baby a fair chance at having a relationship with his father, although I didn't get that the baby deserves it, but in the meantime how do I make that work exactly?
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: turkisk dejtingsida gratis from B4F59FB9850DFA48F85881B9DBE0575E )
From: 3D38BDF39F039618406E7A986EC21208
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 04:35:15 +0200
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my boyfriend did the same thing on me to. its been three years ago since i had my beautiful daughter i've been with him for about 6 years every since he has cheated on me i fell that my hart is not whole anymore and i want my daughter to grow up and have her father right now we live sepratly from eachother but were still together i fell he is still doing it once a cheater always a cheater. i think im just going to break up with him and still live seprate from him and still let him see her i think its better like that anyway and that way im not catching a STD or something and move on. most women give there cheating husband or boyfriends a second chance and thats totaly up to you i cant tell you what to do but just think of all those STDs going around and think about your baby i did you can also live sepratly and still let your baby see him clam child support because no women should have to worrie about were there boyfriend or husband is at all times. well good luck
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejtingsidor internet discada from B4F59FB9850DFA48F85881B9DBE0575E )
From: 9387ED601B746F5FAEAADCFC6DEC19AE
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 00:07:15 +0200


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IM 25 AND im going to have my baby in about 8 weeks. My boyfriend and I are also living together and have been togther for 4 years. He has alwyas been failthfull to me and 2 days ago he took off to another town to drink with his buddies and cheated on me with a 15 year old...who told me EVERYTHING as i do know her...she is my boyfriends sisters friend. I just dont know what to do. I know everything, and hes totally denying it. I dont understand how the one thing he knew i trusted in his the most, he just goes and fucks around now...and were having a baby togehter!!! im so sad:( i want him to be in my babies life, and i just want him to TELL ME THE am i going to get the truth outta him. Im thinking of getting him really drunk...maybe that will work..i dont know but it really ucks how guys can do this to us. im so sorry about what happened to you, i feel we can really relate. But if we forgive, like in most cases, it will just happen again and again, becuase now they know that they can get it else where, it will be even worse i bet when my baby is here, cuz i will be so busy with baby he will probably just take off all the just so sad:( and stressed and this is NOT GOOD for me and esp not for my baby, I have no been talking to him. Today i was crying and he came into the room and said that he didnt care, and that i was a cry baby and that he wasnt going to admit to something he didnt do, when i know he knows he did it. How can he walk around without and feelings of guilt.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date night chat from 9387ED601B746F5FAEAADCFC6DEC19AE )
From: date chat no sign up
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 13:21:17 +0200
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Get rid of them. Do not allow them to hurt you twice and if the can hurt you they are capable of hurting your baby

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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: varningstecken nätdejting nackdelar from )
From: 3611BD2FCD4FAD07C273156BB4F97E2C
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 20:04:58 +0200


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I have found through the years that for some reason, after a relationship has lasted years, that if a woman opens her body to a man they WILL NOT SAY NO! It is like they feel it is their responcibilty to make this woman happy, if it werent they wouldn't be asking him right? This idea could not be more wrong, but it is what happens, a lot of the time. It is disgusting, that all of these people have been hurt like this, me, my friends, you and all the the hundreds probably thousands of people who get cheated on every night! My bf and I have been together for 6 years and have a 3 year old daughter. I left town to take my older daughter to a Taylor Swift concert, we were gone for one night, while he stayed home with our 3 year old daughter. In that 24 hours he met up with an old fling, slept with her then continued to talk to her for two weeks before I found out. When I did find out he lied over and over, until I printed out the truth and got his old fling on the phone to make him tell the truth. He was sending her texts, "I love you I never knew you loved me too, if I could turn back time to be with you I would!" We are talking really hurtful things for me to find. She was sending him naked pics and then he was sending them to his friends showing off what he had "DONE". AT first he said it was just a kiss, then to making out, then to touching, then finally the truth came out. WHY LIE? It only makes matters worse, because now I feel like he will always lie ot me, and even if I tried to make things work for the kids, there is always this little voice saying he is lying again, dont trust him, he wont tell you the truth. So now I feel like I am a private detective, always trying to find out what he is lying about now, even if there are no lies! SO now I have come to the truth of my heart, and I hope others can find this in themselves to help mend their heart. No matter how hard you try this person you love so much will never love you as much as you love them! And in some cases you knew this feeling before they cheated, almost like you knew it was coming because the love wasnt the same as it was before right! You have to deal with the pain of being alone to find someone new to feel the love again, because it is easier to buy a new candle then to rewax the one you got! It looks better, smells fresh, and hasnt hurt you yet! Be careful about your selections dont just jump into the first persons life that you meet. Watch a few movies like P.S. I love you and you will see there is real true love out there you just have to find it and no it is not hiding in a bad relationship. It took me a long time to come to this realization, because me too, I loved David with all my heart, but when I look at him he is not the same David I fell in love with, and it will never be the same again. I think that is the key, once you know in your heart that the love you once had will never be the same again, then and only then will you have the determination to find new love one day! On another note, drugs make you think that they help, but they really dont. If you get caught you could lose your job, and if it is put on your permanent record you can kiss your professional life goodbye. There are so many people alive looking for work that havent been caught doing drugs or didnt do them in the first place that would not have an incriminating record, and they would be offered a job before you. The last thing you want is to work at Taco Bell, Jack in the Box or McDonalds for the rest of your life! So leave him, and the drugs will leave and maybe, just maybe youll find someone who loves you as much as you love them. But you'll never know if you stay there with him and the drugs. And yes you are right your life can get worse, so now the question is how are you going to make yourself happy again??? CAUSE HE IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THE CUT ANYMORE HUNNY!!!!!!
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat canada from AFDF39D588BED4C1DF02824199ABF3F6 )
From: GUR
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 17:21:49 +0200
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date and chat for free from GUR )
From: 44718D1520A1DB51DA6FE6B8156121AA
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 23:23:12 +0200
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hello to everyone this is really stupid but i need to tell how my boyfreind jack cheated on well we only dated for 3 day and i really i mean really liked him but i guess he was just using me untile this one girl got singel and when that happened he stared datting her when he was still datting me ya it sucked i got over it but i still like hime and i dont know wht to do bout that anyone wanna help
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejting otrogen test from 44718D1520A1DB51DA6FE6B8156121AA )
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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 23:14:25 +0200


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Go out and buy a dozen of clams, leave them out unrefridgerator for 2 days and wait till they open and smell nasty. Cook them into scrambled eggs and watch him get terribly sick. (^_^)
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: date chat uk from 44718D1520A1DB51DA6FE6B8156121AA )
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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2010 10:23:33 +0200


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Still liking him normal. It may take a while to get over him. It will also take a while before you stop thinking about why he chose her and not you. Keep in mind, that it has nothing to do with what the other girl has and what you don't have. The problem lies within the guy. He's so incredibly insecure with himself, that he needs self validation by having as many women as possible. Don't be surprised if he keeps you in his phone book and calls you again. You'll just be rebound and everyone is better than that! Unless.....he's under 20. Most men & women at that age don't value the meaning of true love, romantic emotions and relationships. It takes getting burned a couple times to really know that you'd never do to someone else, what others have done to you. valuable trust, loyaly, love & self respect are. You'll get over him. Just ignore him and give it some time.
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Re: My boyfriend is cheating on me and i dont know what to do (Reply to: dejtingsidor internet nere from 0333699FDE3CD2CE1AB361B15153A329 )
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I know these have been around for a while now but I thought I'd let all you women know exactly what happened to me:

I had been in a relationship for four months when I had fallen pregnant after a drunken fumble with my boyfriend, despite taking the morning after pill. Upon telling him that I was pregnant, after a few weeks and a missed period, he became very seclusive and started speaking to me a lot less. "We" then came to the conclusion that I should have an abortion due to us being "too young" to support a child, as I'm 18 and he's 21. I knew in my heart that I was making the wrong decision and upon us turning up at the clinic, he confessed to me that he had to 'emotional attachment' to the "baby" and that HE needed to focus on university.

I then went through with the abortion (which I still and always will regret) and I didn't see him for about a week and a half because I was in intense agony and was physically unable to leave the house. After 10 days, I was back at college and after not seeing him for nearly two weeks, he approaches me and says that he 'did not feel the same any more' and therefore wanted to break up. Gob smacked, I didn't speak to him for a week, I wasn't prepared to speak to someone who'd broken up with me after all that I'd been through.

He then texts me and says that he'd made the wrong decision and that he still wanted to be with me. I went along with things and we got back together, only for him to text me THE NEXT DAY, saying that he once again 'didn't feel the same any more'. At which point, I was in no way shape or form prepared to give him the satisfaction of seeing me upset and therefore got to work to making myself feel better again and I did feel a lot better in myself.

The latest, however, is that he's told me today that when I was going through the pure agony of an induced miscarriage, he was having sex with another woman, but still insisted that he still 'missed' me and 'loved' me and had the audacity to moan at me for going out to lunch with another boy even though we were no longer together.

Moral of the story is: be careful who you trust, never think that you completely know any one, regardless of gender. Never give them 100% and always slightly hold back before you fall in love with someone. Oh and on another note, never be emotionally or physically forced into having an abortion if your heart isn't agreeing with it. It may not be "convenient" but think long and hard before taking the decision to have a termination, because once you do it, there's no going back. x
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